Author’s CV

Spyros Siasos comes from Mesologhi / Greece.
He studied Musicology in the Department of Music Studies at University of Athens and Pedagogy of Music at South-West University “N.Rilski” of Bulgaria. He continued his studies at Harokopio University of Athens at Master’s Degree Education and Culture.
Also, he studied Byzantine Music under the tutelage of the cantors Ioannis Dakalakis and Spiridon Georgakopoulos and Music Theory (harmony, counterpoint and fuga).
He started his tambouras studies with Eugenios Voulgaris and continued with Turkish saz with Ross Daly, Mehmet Erenler and Erdal Erzincan and Persian setar with Hamid Modebassem.
In 2002 he started teaching in Primary and Secondary education schools and he has been a tambouras teacher at the Music Schools of Agrinio, Tripolis and Ilion. Also, he is the author and publisher of the book “Tambouras Teaching Method by using Byzantine Notation” (2014).